Dr. Tom J. Chalko

Born in Poland in 1951, Dr Chalko holds a Masters degree in Engineering (since 1975) and a PhD in Laser Holography (since 1979). He has been a resident of Australia since 1982.

Dr Chalko's professional interests span from lasers and vibration engineering to geophysics, physics of gravity, physics of consciousness and study of human perception.

His passions include sailing (he is a sailing instructor since 1996), self-sufficiency, disaster prediction, finding ways to modify and generate gravity, meditation, studies of consciousness, immortality self healing, windsurfing and conducting controversial seminars. Dr Chalko speaks Polish, Russian and English.

Dr Chalko book The Freedom of Choice describes The Purpose of existence of the entire Universe and challenges the entire science on Earth. This book is translated into 17 languages.

His latest 2022 book "Consciousness and Immortality" explores potential for conscious development. The video lecture "Consciousness and the Universe" below summarizes the content of this book.

Many discoveries of Dr Chalko are published in NU Journal of Discovery, which, unlike other scientific journals, is freely accessible online.

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